Monday, November 1, 2010

Journey To The Centre Of The Country! (About 90 mins away!)

Meself & Herself are taking ourselves off for a few days. It's been quite a heavy time, and though everything isn't as yet 'hunky-dory' things are starting to fall into place, some of them even into the places they are supposed to fall into!

See you all at the end of the week. And Thanks!  :¬)

Much love.


  1. enjoy! sounds as if you two need a getaway weekend! xoxoxo

  2. In the words of that great philosopher Bugs Bunny:

    Bon voyagee! So long, Sammy. See you in Miami.

  3. Oh, how excellent! Do enjoy yourselves immensely, even if that just means doing nothing at all. And so pleased to hear about the fallings of things... hope that keeps up... or down... if they actually are falling... whatever! Just enjoy!

    I live in the centre of my country... and 90 miles won't get me very far across... ;-)

    I think it's about 5000 kms coast to coast...

  4. Have a good time. See you soon.

  5. Everyone needs some time to themself...spending it with Herself sounds like a good idea. ;)

  6. go forth and enjoy! see you back at the campfires soon, mister!!!
    peace and love - gypsy

  7. Enjoy your time away and look forward to your return.

  8. Enjoy your time with the lovely lady
    It will all come together--
    Time is a great thing