Friday, November 19, 2010


Y'all know the story about the 'Dutch kid and the finger in the Dam'?
Look it up then!

That's what my heid is like most days!
There's just that little finger stuck in the hole of the dam, holding back the massive tide, the tide of depression.
And most days that little finger is doing it's job.  It's a great finger, that little 'un.
But it's getting tired, and weary of holding back the mighty dam!
I fear it's gonna give up. Soon.

It nearly gave up tonight. But it has to stay strong, for fear of flooding.

It can only hold tight for so long though!

Beware of tidal floods!


  1. Oooooh no... Don't you dare give up!!! I will lend you my finger to plug that hole... to stem the tide!!! Find someone to talk to, hon... someone who can help seal that dam and give that poor finger a rest.

    There are too many who love you... your lovely wife and darling daughters... your Ma... all your family and friends... and all the hordes of bloggers out here who care about you!!!

    Sending you big hugs from across the pond. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. When the tide rises, it's best to go uphill.

    I know the feeling of rising despair, the way it sticks in your chest and pushes up your throat. Please remember that this is temporary, that the chemicals in your brain are lying to you.

    I wish I could help.

    Sending you love and a knowing nod from way over here...


  3. As someone who has battled on and off with Depression for most of my adult life, the one thing you need to know is that it LIES to you. It FEELS real. It FEELS like you are now seeing the TRUTH, seeing the world as it REALLY IS. But that is a LIE.

    The problem with Depression is not that you are not loved, but your ability to feel it, or feel you deserve it, or feel the meaning in it.

    And it is not something you can just WILL to go away.

    To deal with Depression, you need to develop strategies and techniques over a period of time.

    I can offer insights and suggestions any time you want. You have my email. I speak from experience.

    You are not, and you need not, be alone my friend.

  4. Kim's right. I hate those times when it's like that little Devil on your shoulder is trying to suffocate the Angel on your other shoulder while whispering in your ear, "You're not worthy."

    Well it's wrong! Kick it in it's arse, wrap yourself in our love and caring, then as Kim suggested, make a plan. Everyone's different. But one thing remains the same.

    We care. xx

  5. Wave after wave will flow with the tide
    and bury the world as it does.
    Tide after tide will flow and recede
    leaving life to go on as it was.

    What's the meaning of this? It's to remind you that tidal floods are a part of the natural progression of life. And holding on is critical because just at the tide will flow, it will just as surely recede.

  6. We care mate.
    I have no idea what to say to help, chances are nothing I say would help seeing as I have no experience with depression whatsoever. But if it helps at all, you should know that we do indeed care what happens to you.

  7. Mate, you know that you have friends ready to help you swim if the finger slips.
    But look around you at that family and I'm sure that the finger will stay in place.
    I'm here

  8. and here, dear map, here, take my fingers, too - and know that you are thought of - with much affection -