Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Post

Hi all. This is the first post on my new blog. Hopefully most of you reading this will already know me from the other one. The reasons for another blog are many, but mostly because I recently discovered that some people, whom  I would rather did not know my business, were introduced to the other blog and it made me a bit uneasy! So, while I will continue with the other blog, (the usual videos and smart arserry!), I hope to use this one to be more open about myself and my life.


This past week has been quite an emotional time for the five of us in our immediate family. One of us had/has major health problems, both physical and mental, and as a family we were/are all hurting. But, after many tears, hugs, car dashes to other parts of the country, trips to the doc, and more tears and hugs, solutions have been found. Wheels have been put in place, and things are looking better!

Many things have been learned this past week by all five of us. The love, and the bonds we share with each other have become stronger. Father & daughter, Husband & Wife, Sister & Sister, Mother & Daughter, Mother & Father.

The future of at least one of us has been changed. Time will tell how this will affect the rest.

Things are not perfect, but we are all much happier today than we were this time last week.

Much Love.  :¬)