Sunday, October 10, 2010

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours! (The Aussies will get this!)

My neighbours suck!
I wish I could afford to move, but it's not possible right now, and anyway the kids don't want to move to where I want to move to. The middle of nowhere! Miles from town, NO NEIGHBOURS! I'm getting old, and grumpy. I want to play my music loud, whenever I want to, to my hearts content. But I don't, 'cos I've got neighbours, and I am considerate, and I understand that one just cannot play ones music loud and hearty at 3AM, 'cos one has got neighbours, with kids, and jobs to get up early for to go to. I understand that. I do. But do my FUCKING neighbours understand that? Do they? DO THEY FUCK! Last night was the last night of being tolerant! NO MORE MISTER NICE GUY! I have asked them to be quieter, I have. As has Mrs. Philason, but they are usually so wasted that it's not worth the fucking effort. So from now on the first line is calling the GardaĆ­ (cops) to report a disturbance (to my family). I would rather we all live in harmony, I really would, but ya know, life is too short to be waiting for other people to come up to my standards, so fuck 'em.

Happy Sunday all.  Much Love.  :¬)


  1. Neighbors, do unto strangers
    Do unto neighbors
    What you do to yourself, yourself, yourself

    So say the Rolling Stones. They have a point.

  2. Hey UB, howya?

    I want to move to a place I found, in the middle of a forest. All my kids can say is, 'Little Red Riding Hood'! :¬)

  3. Ah yes... neighbours... the bane of urban existence. I hear ya on living in the middle of nowhere! That's were I was when I was married. It was lovely! (The nowhere, not so much the marriage...) I now live in an attached house but thankfully, my neighbours are older and not much into music. Hoping your tactics work and they take the hint. xoxoxo

  4. Oh yeah, I hear ya!
    *%$@$#!%& neighbors!
    As it happens my neighborhood is nice just now, minimal young people, mostly considerate. Now and then we get one like your neighbor in one of the rentals in the street...and once or twice it's become very nasty. But I'm not above getting nasty myself when needs be.
    I hope your neighbor moves out soon and the replacement isnt as bad..

  5. The Aussies will understand--ha, never watched it---
    It doesn't matter where you live, you will always have a bad neighbour or two.
    My current problem neighbour says that people don't like him because of his colour---ha, they don't like him because he is a noncomformost prick and a very annoying man---besides, what colour is Greek

  6. i live in the suburbs, sugar! the neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves. until you find out the quietest house on the block had a juvenile delinquent who headed up a burglary ring that was plaguing surrounding neighborhoods! i know, who knew? xoxoxoxox

  7. Well, hey. Sometimes you DO have the call the cops. If the neighbors are too stupid to reason with, let the police take care of them.


  8. As one who DOES live in the middle of nowhere, more or less, I heartily recommend it. :) My closest neighbors are about half a mile every direction. The don't mind lending a helping hand but they don't confuse help with being nosy either. :)

    When we lived in town, I once admitted to a cop that when the teen next door got too loud with her music, I left home for a while. He said no one should run you out of your own do call up your local lawmen and let them explain to the neighbors how good neighbors act.

    Or, feel free to yell in my direction. Nothing but the crickets to listen right now. ;)

  9. You can get the noise abatement people round to check the sound level and then they can deal with it and hopefully save you the sweat. I DO sympathise.

  10. just moved into an apartment again after several years of being in a house in a very quiet neighborhood - already awakened in the night with just footsteps overhead - nothing out of the ordinary - just the usual everyday living noises and they still seep through the ceiling! so it will take some time for me to adjust to that - but with what you have, don't even want to think about it! good luck, mister!!! ;)