Friday, October 22, 2010


What the fuck is is with the increase in 'Male Pill' traffic in my in-box these days?
Does my computer know I'm getting closer to 50 by the day?
Is it sending 'Help the poor fucker get a hardon' messages to the chemical hardon pill manufacturers all over the world? By the amount of 'We can make you Bigger and Harder' mail I'm getting these days, it seems to me that these companies will just go bust tomorrow if I don't buy their products! Well I'm sorry! You can all just go eat dust or starve if you're depending on me to keep you in fur coats and fancy fizz! I'm hard as I wanna be when I wanna be thank you very much! Pfzzeizzesser! Me arse! 

Much Love.


  1. so why am i getting the very same emails? xoxoxo

  2. That's why they make spam filters. Set up a block on any email containing the words "Viagra," "pills," "Canada" or the like and they'll be routed directly into your trash.

  3. I get those too, as well as messages from girls looking for men. WTF is up with that??? They go straight to the spam folder though.

    Much love to you too!! xoxoxoxo

  4. Having just turned 50 I'm being bombarded with them too...but most of mine are being sent by friends taking the piss.

  5. Ah friend, it appears your gender has nothing to do with it. I get more than my share of the same in the old Spam box.

    Although I do have to resist the temptation when it asks, "Do you want your manhood to increase in size?" to e-mail back, "My model didn't come with a manhood." ;)

    Maybe these companies are just jealous of "real men". xx

  6. pills, life insurance, women wanting me, reduced mortgage payments, and bachelor degrees are all mine for the taking - 30+ times a day.

    I don't need pills, I think life insurance is a con, I'm married to a woman who wants me, I don't have a mortgage because we rent and I have a degree.

  7. I don't get any emails like that. Should I feel left out?

  8. Braggard
    Oh,I was getting those emails for a couple of years but they've given up