Saturday, January 15, 2011


Rob was born to my baby sis Rena when she was just 19. She was a young single lass, and she and Rob came home to a family of Ma, Da, and four brothers. And all the brothers instantly became 'fathers' to Rob. I think this may have set us up for the future parents we would eventually become.

We all just loved him from day one. We would actually fight over who's turn it was to feed/change/bathe him!
He's 25 now, and meself all the brothers still all have a father/son relationship with him. We were all out tonight, celebrating his sister Edel's 21st brthday, a great night. But all the brothers were spending the night with Rob, for he is moving to Australia on Monday with his lovely Emily. And we are going to miss him so much!

Farewell 'our son'. Have a great time in Oz, don't forget your uncles who love you dearly, come back before we are all too old to remember you, but most of all remember all your 'fathers'! :¬)


  1. that is a lovely post and i know he'll miss all y'all as much as y'all will miss him! it's never easy saying goodbye, darlin, so we just say, i'll see you tomorrow! xoxoxox

  2. sav; Ah missus, I have to say a few tears have left these eyes tonight! I get to see him again on Sunday before he leaves, but it will be tough. He is my 'son', we are so alike, and so close it hurts. But if I was his age I would be doing exactly the same thing, and he leaves with his true love Emily, a most wonderful and sweet girl, who has become part of our family since he met her five years ago, so we know he will not be alone. :¬)


  3. You'll have a place to stay when you go visit the Land of Oz now!!! And despite them being so physically far away, it's so easy to keep in touch via the interwebs these days... You'll be in touch frequently, I just know it!! xoxoxo

  4. All the best tae Rob down under. I have an Uncle that moved to Brisbane and says he will never leave.
    ps glad tae hear you are feeling better, hope the toddy recipe worked.

  5. sweet, lovely post. Makes me teary. My youngest spent a few months in Oz last year. Loves it. Wants to go back. It. Is. Far.

  6. But he's not really leaving "home" because he carries you in his heart. And what a wonderful gift that is...for it works both ways.

    I'll bet you've given him not only good thoughts to live by but the strength to carry through. Here, have a hug while I find you a tissue. ;)

  7. oh, what a moving tribute to your "son", map - and how lucky he is to have you fathers all - not many a young man - or young woman - can lay claim to all that love! and hope is right - he is not gone - you carry him right there in your lovin' heart - and he, you! ;)

  8. As you so astutely pointed out earlier, the world is a much, much smaller place. It's not like it use to be. You'll hear from him often.

    Bon voyage to him.

  9. Sounds like Australia's win! Dont worry, we'll make him welcome