Thursday, February 17, 2011


So, 'twas a wake-up call
A kick in the nuts
No 'if's' or 'buts'
A pain, lingering,
Ignoring, as a man does so well
Tomorrow I shall feel no pain 
The 'sell'
And then tomorrow,
Well maybe Tuesday,
Then October becomes February
And no matter how merry
The soberness on wakening still brings
The stings, the doubt,
The bouts of anxiety
And piety not being one of my better sides
No prayers will heal this pain
No smiling hides the fear
And though I cower and assume position foetal
Praytell my darkest hour
Is wakened by the clock
''No more" I say,
And ring the Doc.

All Is Well!


  1. Ah, a typical man. "If I ignore it, it will go away." Glad you finally did something about it and can quit having anxiety attacks for nothing!!

    Now who's the silly git? xoxoxo

  2. oh, my dear map, i too, live in lalaland - that great magnificent kingdom of DENIAL - it has worked well for me all these years - however, there do come times when a check at the reality base is called for and one must muster the courage and move forth as you have done here - and now, back to sunning on the sandy shores of denial - see you there!

    so glad your deepest fears were "denied"!!! ;)


  3. How well you put it!
    I'm so glad for you:)